5 Japanese Beauty Products Which Will Make You More Attractive

Japanese beauty products

Japan has one of the biggest beauty products industry in the world. A lot of Japanese cosmetic brands like SHISEIDO, SK-II, KOTOSHINA etc are getting very popular in the western market. 

The Japanese Beauty Products have finally earned a major following among other countries and with good reasons. The Japanese beauty products excel in packaging and design. The products are novel and exotic thanks to their high quality and continuous innovation. This is the same reason why the Japanese cars and electronics are so popular.

Japanese beauty products have a different approach then western skincare in which products which care for the overall look and care of skin are made a priority. The beauty products are mostly made from natural ingredients which are good for people with sensitive skin and who don’t like to use chemicals in cosmetics.

So Here I present 5 Japanese Beauty Products which will make you more attractive.

1:) Kiss Me heroine Water Proof Mascara

Japanese mascara

This mascara is the real deal. Using this will make you feel that you have never used  waterproof cosmetics before. It is very popular and doesn’t smudge. While purchasing it I thought that people are exaggerating  about the wear time in their reviews but this one is the closest to a permanent mascara you can get.
This mascara deserves 6/5. It dries very fast, I apply a couple of coats and then brush my lashes. The only problem with this is that it’s difficult to remove. So before applying this apply a regular mascara first and then add a couple of coats of this waterproof mascara. This way it will come off easily.

2:) Pore Cleansing Foam

Japanese foam

It is a pore cleansing foam that contains Jeju volcanic clusters. It is suitable for oily and/or sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate at all and your skin will feel fresh and clean. I love the samples which come with this product. I highly recommend this one. 

I am buying this for my friend as a present. She is suffering from acne and pimples and has a very sensitive and oily skin.


3:) Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel

Japanese Wash Cloth Towel

This is a Japanese Invention award winner and a patented product. It dries quickly and is completely machine washable. It is a 3 pack 35 inches of towel which is much longer than a normal washcloth.

I got this product in the light blue color, which is quite attractive. All in all, this is a wonderful product, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.

4:) Baby Foot Easy Pack Exfoliating Foot Peel 

Japanese back foot peel

This exfoliating foot pack is a 2 pack treatment. It has 17 natural fruit acids and enzymes which gently loosen dead, rough, and callused skin for touchable feet. This treatment is also excellent to help control foot odor and eliminate fungus issues.

It is suitable for women( sizes 4-12) and men (sizes 4-13)


First things first, this ancient Japanese remedy is cheap miracle ointment and comes with FREE SHIPPING. This miraculous ointment is suitable for acne, eruptions, minor burns, chapped skin, chilblains, minor cuts, dry athlete’s foot and ringworm.

My aunt has been using this product since the last 25 years. Believe it I am not lying. Got a scrap, a cut , a pimple o anything just use it. Get it and you won’t regret it.


So We Come To The End Of The Post. It’s Sad To See You Leave And Hence I Have Some Gift For You. Here is a list of 5 Best Korean Beauty Products in 2017.

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