5 Best Perfumes For Women-Eau de Parfum to Smell Like Elizabeth Taylor

perfumes for women

Are You out for a date, or a dinner with family or to the movies. Doesn’t matter because you always want to smell great. And for those who are thinking What Eau de Parfum is Ohh common. Your babe is going to explain it by giving some background.

The perfume you see in the store is not the pure perfume essence and has been diluted. However it is the most concentrated of all the fragrance options and it is the most expensive for this reason.

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It tends to be slightly oilier and will typically contain 15-40% pure perfume extract. It has a slightly thicker, oilier consistency. It tends to be sold with ‘stopper bottles’ and not sprays. It is too strong to spray all over (and too expensive).

Eau de Perfume/(Parfum): This uses the same perfume essence but less of it and more alcohol and water. This means the smell is a bit lighter  but as it is a bit lighter, many find this preferable. It is of course cheaper. Typically there will be 10-20% perfume essence in Eau de Perfume. This perfume might be sold in normal bottles or sprays, but if a spray is used, it shouldn’t be just doused all over.——-Courtesy Quora.

Here is a list of 5 Best Perfumes for women which will make you smell perfect.

1:) Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker

This is my personal favorite eau de parfum and best of the lot for me. This perfume is  by Sarah Jessica Parker. I have never received so many compliments with any of the other perfumes then this one. I got this as a gift from a guy.Pretty me. It’s a light perfume but still lasts quite long.

Sarah Jessica Parker

WARNING- It’s so popular that people are going to ask Hey are you wearing Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

2:) Pleasures By Estee Lauder

This perfume (eau de parfum) is recommended for romantic wear. Just a little of this goes a long way. This perfume was introduced  in 1995 so it has quite a good credibility too. It smells great and infact my aunt from Alabama has been using it for the last 13 years. Incredible isn’t it.

Estee Lauder

3:) Still Jennifer Lopez By Jennifer Lopez

This perfume by Jlo will last all day.  The first time I came across this perfume, I was out with some girl friends. We were at a wedding and when I went to the ladies room this lady was spraying this perfume. My head turned immediately to ask what perfume it was. Since then I have been using this perfume. It still turns head by the way.

Jennifer Lopez

4:) Beyonce Perfume, Heat

This perfume by Beyonce is perfect for exuding confidence, sexiness and energy.  She is the best for  a reason isin’t she. This perfume is perfect for fall or winter. It is a sensuous perfume and lives up to its name. You will love the beautiful bottle.Its smells  clean and feminine, much better then the other expensive perfumes.


5:) Believe Britney Spears By Britney Spears

This perfume by Britney Spears has a big bottle and the bottle will last for long. I bought this one out of curiosity and it smells so good, sweet but not overly. I also love when people ask me what it is so I can say, “It’s Britney, b*tch”. Ahh- it’s the little things 🙂 .This is not overly pricey either, a great fragrance for day or night.

Britney Spears

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